Wednesday, June 22, 2011

173/365 - Inspired by 1905

I saw a post today that referenced taking self portraits with period themes. This got me thinking. I have photos of my ancestors for seven generations back (that would be Great great great great grand father. talk about a 4G network, ha!), perhaps I could use one for inspiration. I chose this one because I had similar clothing and didn't have to figure out a complicated hair style.

This is my great great grandpa, Paradee. What a name! I don't know much about him. He and My great great gram divorced within 5 years. The 1910 census has him listed as "widowed", but GGG was still quite alive! He died at 36 in 1918. By that time GGG was already remarried. Now you know what I know about him.

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  1. Need a light, sir. Great idea for a photo. You have to wonder what went on for them to divorce back then.