Thursday, June 23, 2011

174/365- Back to 1884ish

This is my great great great Granny Conder. The photo was taken in her late teens around 1884. She raised my Great gram after her (great gram's) dad (Paradee) split. My grams and great aunt Max told me that Granny would make up funny nick names for the kids. Aunt Max's was "Chit-what-a-chut". NOBODY knows where that came from or what it meant. I found an old census record where she wrote my great gram's name (real name Lillian) as "Spicey". I guess when she gave a nickname it was official. ;)


  1. Mendy....OMG! I love this photo!! You look like her. Wow!! How did you get the outfit? Sarah

  2. I love this photo series. Looks like it's been fun putting it all together. I wonder what Granny's nickname would have been for YOU.