Sunday, May 1, 2011

121/365 - last day

I spent part of the weekend plotting out the end of the school year. We are now officially in the same month we get out. Hallelujah! Its been a weird year, but the end is in sight. This month is full of a little bit of every thing. There are assemblies, awards banquets, concerts, prom, "learning opportunities" (more on that in later post), graduation, yearbook signing day, retiree recognitions, class competitions, final exam reviews and the tests themselves, not to mention my job review, finishing the current units, breaking down the room, etc, etc. Whew. Come on May 31st.


  1. UGH!! Don't remind me! I love May because it is the last month for us too (this year) but it's SOOOO busy!
    I guess it's nothing compared to August though!

  2. That's a good month to be in! I'm sure it will fly by with all those activities.

  3. Woohhoo!! I love seeing the end in sight! Our last day is the 31st too!!! The countdown is on!