Tuesday, May 10, 2011

129/365- market day

Not great pictures, but a fun day. We've been talking about shopping in the markets in Spanish one. So today, they got their chance. Well, as close to it as I can make it. We had different "stalls" set up- instruments, food, clothing/textiles, pottery, sombreros, and souvenirs. We also had flower vendors walking around. Half the students were vendors and the other half were shoppers, then they switched places. They had to bargain and complete their transactions completely in Spanish then sign each other's papers. They had fun "buying" all the different products from the different countries. I had fun watching them try to be like the real vendors and struggle with their Spanish. ;) We also had some Spanish tortilla for a snack. Good times.


  1. Did you wear the wig? I wish I could have been there. Thank the Lawd it's the end of the year and we can do some fun things.

  2. I always intend to do market day with my students...it just never happens. I'm going to have to FORCE myself to do airplane day on monday because i already told them about it. ugh.

  3. I'm with Melissa...I always want to do Market Day but it somehow slips through the cracks! I'm glad yours was so successful!!! : )