Thursday, May 26, 2011

145/365 - power and humor

So Wednesday was quite stormy again. I was taking a nap when a huge lightening strike came down some where very close. The thunder actually shook my bed. Moments later, as I was scrapping myself off the ceiling ...he he, I heard the police and fire sirens. Then more sirens. Then more sirens. They were semi close and there were a lot of them.

After the storm let up, I headed out with my camera looking for cloud pics or something else to shoot and to get some soda. I went to the gas station only I found the source of the chaos. I couldn't turn down the street, so I went up a couple of blocks and doubled back to see if I could see what was going on. I saw a huge fire on the ground but the trees next to it weren't burning. The flames would burst up then disappear. It took a moment to figure out what was happening. Then I realized that there was a live power line down.

It was a really creepy event. I could hear the current of electricity. It would make a pulsing "whaaoo whaaoo" sound. I could see flames shoot up to the right the split seconds later to the left. Then nothing. I kept trying to catch a picture but between the bursts, trying to shoot through the windshield while it was raining again, and being too chicken to get the camera wet (okay really, I was afraid to get out of the car), These are the best ones and they're not great.

Sort of related to power - I work at a school with no air conditioning and in the 2nd hottest room in the building. Literally the 2nd hottest. We've taken temp readings. Anyway, that means we use the good old fans to try to keep cool. After one class, I noticed that my kids had left me a little example of high school humor.


  1. Glad you're ok with the fire bomb!
    I LOVE the high school humor :)

  2. What a freak thing to happen. Personally I'm totally over all these storms. They can stop anytime now.

    I must be a 14 year old boy because that fan/sculpture made me giggle.

  3. I don't know how you do it in a room without ac. I don't think I could!