Thursday, May 19, 2011

138 and 139/365 - Love itself lives on

One of the Yas and my sweet friend SC lost her father, the Judge, to cancer. At the viewing, they had hundreds of people from Judges and lawyers to friends and loved ones. The family was graceful in their mourning. My heart goes out and prayers go up for them.

These are old photos from October. I chose them for Wed. and Thursday because while the storm like clouds come through, a little sun still shines. I hope that in their grief, they can find comfort in the stories, memories, and legacy of the judge. That they can lean on each other and their faith to get through this difficult time.

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  1. You've been busy, girl! It's nice to feel caught up, I bet. I keep thinking to the summer when there will be so much time for photos and outings. Beautiful photos for SC.