Thursday, May 26, 2011

146/365- question 61

I give rather difficult finals. Sometimes, I give them "freebie" questions to help break up the brain drain and to round off the number of questions.
In case you can't read it or don't understand Spanish, number 61 says "We ____ (receive) good grades on the final exams"

a. recibimos (receive - correct answer) b. not this one c. try the first one d. nope e. can't be

One of my students actually got it wrong! She chose "c". Her reason, "I thought it was a trick question".


  1. Jeeeez! I had one like that on my final with only ONE answer and several kids came up and said they weren't sure what to do....

  2. You mean, tricky Spanish teachers. That's why I took French in HS and promptly forgot it all.