Monday, May 9, 2011

127 and 128 /365- Prom

I love prom. I love seeing my kids in all their finery trying to act like little ladies and gentlemen (until they hit the dance floor- he he), the smiles on their bursting-with-pride parents' faces, the worry on the chaperones', and the romance in the air. Then of course, all the dancing and photo opts. I haven't missed a prom yet. This year I was especially glad I went.

One senior that has been in my classes since she was in 7th grade, showed up, but without a dress on. She went to prom before as an underclassmen, so she thought it wouldn't be a big deal to miss this one and she didn't want to ask her parents to spend all that money on one night. She came to see all her friends dressed up and still be a small part of the event.

Anyway, I felt like she needed something and I wanted her to feel special, too. I knew she didn't get senior pictures, again for money reasons. So, after all the kids went in to the hall and the onlookers left, she and I did a mini photo shoot. We walked all over the beautiful grounds snapping away and talking until there wasn't enough daylight to shoot. Then, we sat down and chatted for a long while. We covered everything from senior year and graduation, to college, dating and home life. We laughed and cried and talked some more. Afterwards, as we were walking back to hall, she said thanks and that while she may not have been inside, this was a prom she would never forget. I don't think I will either.


  1. What an awesome theme and great mask photos. I'm not surprised you zoned in on that girl and made her feel special. You do that so well with everyone you care for. I''m grateful to have such a special friend.

  2. Aw, Mendy! You are such an inspiration to those kiddos. xoxo

  3. prom...i'm not that fond of it, but at least it means the end of the school year!
    your pics are good :)