Friday, January 14, 2011

14/365 - first name "Ea" Last name "Gle"

My first eagle scouting excursion was a blast! I went with two fabulous friends (a couple of my besties) to the river then out to eat. I love hanging out with these girls!

We saw several eagles. M got so excited she couldn't stand it, literally! She took a tumble over some rocks with camera in hand. My first thought was "oh no, she's going lens first!" I know..I know...I'm a bad friend. But it gets worse. After I asked if she was okay (and saw the camera was at least still intact), she told me to "get the eagle"... so I did. I left my friend there in the mud to go take a picture! I know, right? Good thing P. was there to help M! 'Cause I'm not done.

M's "britches" were covered in mud! So I took a picture when she was walking ahead of us. and now I'm posting on my blog. Yes, today I was a horrible friend. This may be the final 365 post. She just might kill me! :) Anyway back to the eagles. I had to leave the land of optical zoom and head in to the rarely visited digital zoom territory. I don't like going there because the quality is not very good and my hands are too shaky to get a sharp image. I didn't have my tripod with me tonight to help stabilize the camera. Combine this with my lack of attention to the settings and you get what you see. These are the best of the eagle pictures. And they're not impressive. I don't mind though because I had a great time gabbin' and gigglin' with the girls (and JC the BM).


  1. I think your eagle pictures turned out great!
    I'm not sure my rear end looks so great, but at least it is a fun memory :)
    Thanks for going tonight- I had a blast!

  2. I think we should double date with E. Gle and JC the BM. I can't believe the quality of the eagle pics. I had a great time with you girls, bumps, falls, laughs and all.

  3. Thanks. Aside from the mud, you butt looks good in those jeans. If you want me to take the picture down just say the word. I put it up there for you and P. It won't be a problem.
    Tonight was so much fun! Thanks for inviting us to do this.

  4. Paige- We were cross posting I think. A double date sounds good! I know this place where they serve not so fresh fish. It might be called "the Rocks". Melissa recommended it.

  5. I popped here from Paige's blog in order to see what turned out to be a magnificent photo! Wow, how fortunate and lucky to be in the company of these magnificent birds.

    Thanks for posting a tushie shot, too. Made me chuckle!

  6. It is what it is - Thanks for dropping by! They really are awe inspiring creatures. I am very happy we were able to see our national bird in the wild. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and got a chuckle out if it. :)

  7. Mendy- I don't care that you put the picture up...I think it's funny. Still laughing over here.