Thursday, January 20, 2011

20/365 Snowday triptych

I was up way too early for a snow day. Guess that means more picture taking time! By 5:15am I had put on my long underwear and was outside. The nearly full moon and all the snow made it quite bright and peaceful.
Picture 1: My first view of the backyard. The snow was at the top of my snow boots.
Picture 2 : 10" of chilly white goodness and it was still snowing!
Picture 3: I love snow days!
I had some trouble again with white balance and exposure. It was frustrating, but with all of this snow around, I'll have plenty of opportunities to practice.
Picture 1: Exposure 8 Aperture f/6.3 Focal Length 4.6 mm ISO Speed 200 Flash Off
Pic 2: Exposure 0.033 sec (1/30) aperture f/4.5 Focal Length 44 mm
ISO Speed 400 Flash Auto, Fired
Pic 3: Exposure 0.033 sec (1/30) Aperture f/2.8 Focal Length 4.6 mm
ISO Speed 400 Flash Auto, Fired


  1. I knew there would be some great pics with this snow. Yay. That long underwear is getting a workout this winter.

  2. I think it's awesome that we basically took one of the same pictures...I actually like yours more- I like the clear ruler in the snow instead of the pink. It adds more of a crystal effect to it.
    White balance is a hard one. Have you played with shooting in raw? I think that has helped me. The only problem with it is you have to use the software that will open raw images. Does Gimp? I think Picasa might. I just use the software that comes with my camera to edit the raw version, convert it to jpeg, then edit like cropping,etc.
    I did NOT get around to any more picture taking today. I have been very lazy and went to Walmart, played some video games with the kids, fell asleep for a while and just took a bath. I think I might watch a movie now. I'm hoping so bad that we get a snow day tomorrow so I can go take some pics at the Bot Garden. If that happens, would you be interested in going? (You too Paige- if you read this...?)

  3. Paige, I think I've worn them more this month than I have in the past several years combined. :)

    Melissa, I haven't played with RAW yet. Not sure how to do it on my camera and I don't know if I have a program that can handle it. I have to do some research.

    Im off tomorrow and if the roads are clear, the bot garden sounds cool. It is supposed to be really cold so I'll have to wash my long undies again:)

  4. I thought you guys talked about that ruler shot and that was why they were similar. Great minds really do think alike...
    I always laugh when you talk about shooting with raw. I want to say...shooting IN the raw...brrr.
    I really don't think we'll be off tomorrow but if we are I really need to do some running around for this damn kitchen. Thank you for asking though that does sound fun.

  5. P- you're so funny! Shooting in the raw would be cold. and dangerous. you could get frostbite in some unusual places:)

    sad you can't come if we go to the gardens. Hopefully you'll be off and you can get your running done. Take your cell phone and be careful.

  6. Crap-o...I didn't read this until now, 8:04pm...sorry- I would have taken you to the garden with me but I didn't know you wanted to go. I wish I got emails that told me when people commented after me. Sorry...

  7. No problem. I'm just glad you had a good time and got some great shots.