Friday, March 4, 2011

63/365-Blue 2

After seeing Melissa's version of "What the water gave me" and looking at a photo challenge called "Recreate the Masters" on the DPS site, I decided to give it a try.

I picked a simple painting by Joan Miro, a Spanish painter, called "Blue 2."

I glanced around for something to use for the dots and right here at the desk were some spare change and a red ink pen. I decided on that because I've been hearing that we're supposedly out of the recession. Not really seeing it. The state is completely in the red and can't pay schools. This week there were plenty of discussions at school about more teacher lay offs in the area and lack of funds for some things in our own district. Of course there are plenty of people talking about their own financial woes, too.
Anyway, here it is. My version of blue 2:

It's an okay pic. Right now I so emotionally and physically drained from a challenging week at school, that I don't really care if it sucks. ;) I'm just glad that the weekend is here, its a payday, and I can go to bed early.


  1. Well- I think it's an interesting comparison! This must be the teacher version of the painting...a red pen and the pocket change we call our salary.
    Sorry you had a crappy week-it was probably because you didn't see me this weeek :)

  2. I think I like your version better. I can certainly relate. And I love this idea of recreating art. Very cool. Hope the weekend brings you some relaxation. Call if you want to blow off some steam or go on an outing.

  3. I definitely missed seeing you and Paige this week!
    I like your idea of this being the "teacher version".

  4. P - Thanks. You are so sweet and supportive.

    PS-I'm loving this art idea too.

  5. BTW, P, I just read your comment on M's post. Wow! It is an honor to be asked. sounds like somebody thinks you're awesome at what you do! (I know we do!) I'm sure you will do a fantastic job.