Monday, March 14, 2011

73/365 Scavenger hunt - Hard stuff

I did take a picture today. Again it was of students so I'm not going to post it. I don't feel like checking the photo release list for all the girls in the picture and, mainly, I just want to play with yesterday's scavenger hunt pics. :)

As promised, here are the "hard" photos. I took some liberties here because some of the other girls took the "official" photos. We all worked together to find and shoot the items on the list. If one of us managed to get the shot, we crossed it off. I think we did quite well working as a team.

1. a bridge that is NOT over water
2. 3 animals together
3. a barn that is about to collapse
4. a delicious dessert
5. a store window with a mannequin
6. a found penny (not from purse)
7. two people holding hands
8. a bicycle
9. a woman wearing a hat
10. twins
11. someone with facial hair
12. a musical instrument (bonus if someone playing it)
13. duck or any bird
14. signs of spring
15. something that looks like a letter of the alphabet, but no print
16. natural redhead (m or f)
17. little kids playing outside together
18. a woman with 3 inch or higher heels
19. a sign in a language other than English
20. a stray cat
21. a white picket fence
22. a celebrity
23. a daffodil
24. a rainbow or prism of some sort
25. a pink car.


  1. Once again, nice job on the mosaic and all of our hard work on the scavenger hunt!
    We definitely need to make this a once-a-season thing. Spring is just around the corner!

  2. Love these collages. and Love that you used Ducky for number 13. hehehe. We make an awesome team and it WAS stinking amazing!