Sunday, March 13, 2011

72/365 - The Yaya scavenger hunt

The Yaya's were at it again! This time, Melissa organized a super fun photo scavenger hunt. We each made a list of 5 easy things to find and 5 hard things. Then put the lists together. Though there are 8 girls in the group, only 5 of us could make it today. So (5+5)x5 = 50 items. We couldn't find them all (Thanks to Joi's pink car entry, whoever painted that picket fence yellow, and J's 3inch heels), but we had an awesome time looking, laughing, and lunching. Here is the easy list and collage. Tomorrow, I'll post the hard ones. But I think the best and funniest photo of the day is over on Melissa's blog.
Anyway here's the list:

1. something moving
2. someone pumping gas
3. a sculpture
4. a refreshment of some kind
5. an old person
6. a piece of litter
7. a telephone pole
8. someone talking on a phone
9. a red car
10. a baby
11. steps/stairs
12. stop light/sign
13. Something to sit on
14. a reflection
15. movie theater
16. hookah
17. purple dress
18. litter
19. SUV
20. a statue
21. a barn
22. gelato
23. playground toys
24. a church
25. a mailbox


  1. I like how you displayed the different pics in the mosaic! I had a blast with you guys today! You got some great shots!

  2. Thanks! This is definitely a repeat activity!

  3. I had a fantastic time too! Already looking forward to the next edition. Thanks for finding another 555 for me. They ARE everywhere.

  4. You're quite welcome. Now you got me looking for 'em. :)

  5. Woot! That day was a blast! Thanks for being a part of it, M!