Sunday, March 20, 2011

79/365 the envelope, please

I've been wanting to do this photo for a while now. My dear friend posted on FB once that she felt "enveloped in gold". So, that gave me this idea.
I spray painted a white envelope, printed out an old photo, and dumped gold glitter everywhere. I had it lit from the top, but I should have moved the light to the side I think. overall I like it.


  1. Neat idea! That is really cool :)
    Sorry we missed you the other night. I wondered why you didn't go with us!

  2. Thanks. It feel wierd not seeing you two this weekend. :) Sorry I missed you two.

  3. These pics made me cry...not that it takes much these days. I'm really touched and I love how a little phrase inspires you. We missed you on Friday too. Thanks for being a "golden" friend.

  4. I hope it was a good cry! :)