Sunday, March 27, 2011

85/365- The masks we wear

I recently started playing the latest version of my favorite computer game, Virtual Villagers. In this version they discover a tribe that wears masks. At one point in the game, the reason is revealed. After a great loss, "we retreated into the jungle and into a despair so deep and suffocating that we lost all hope. We stopped believing in the island, in any guiding force. We stopped even believing in ourselves, and so we covered our faces with hideous masks. We were truly lost."
This hits a nerve. I have a collection of both literal and figurative masks.


  1. Wowsa! That sounds like the average human- we all hide stuff about ourselves so we don't have to deal with it. Cool idea to have the light shining through the eye on the top picture.

  2. It does sound like the average human. The game even has the kind people just going through their lives, the agressive ones that run off anyone that gets to close, the so angry that they're scary and villagers run away when they see them, and the chief who sits in the dark and rarely comes out. When he does come out he refuses to speak to anyone.
    for a game, it's very poignant.

  3. Very symbolic and reminds me of that Billy Joel song The Stranger
    "Well we all have a face
    That we hide away forever
    And we take them out and
    Show ourselves
    When everyone has gone"

    Hope you're feeling recharged too.

  4. That top one is still one of my favorite of your photos.