Tuesday, March 1, 2011

60/365-Waiting for the storm to pass

Two nights ago I was pulled from bed by the tornado sirens going off. Still half asleep, I thought it was highway noise. I heard voices but thought it was the neighbor. When I realized what it was, I jumped out of bed. I went to check the weather on the Internet, no connection. Turned on the TV, no cable. The light flickered and I heard the the hail.
So to the innermost room of the house I went. I grabbed a pillow and the camera (can't have that blowing away in the wind!) on the way. I keep a small emergency kit in the linen closet that contains a radio/flashlight, emergency candles, blanket, and first aid kit. When the wind picked up and it sounded like things were hitting the house, I got into the tub, i guess for added protection. It blew over quickly, with no visual damage. The cable/Internet was out until some time the next day. Thank God nothing bad happened, it was just loud and scary.
I think the picture is crappy, but fitting. February seemed like a month of storms for the people around me (but, to my knowledge, not because of me). There were emotional and medical issues, martial problems and deaths of loved ones, financial woes and social sagas. There were even arrests made. Aside from my usual issues being slightly more frequent this month and being a little tight on money, my own life has been comparatively peaceful. I am grateful for that so I can be there for those around me. I do hope that spring, sunshine, and and the "peaceful lamb" come quickly. These wonderful people need no more "roaring lions". But in the mean time maybe I should light some more candles.


  1. Cozy corner to stay safe. I think I'm the only one in the county who slept through that storm. Hoping your life stays peaceful.

  2. We must have really been on the same wavelength! Thank you so much for always being there for me and being such a good friend. ♥ya.

  3. YOU, Paige, the one who is usally up at weird times like me, slept throught the storm?!? Woot woot. I'm glad you were able to. I hope it was a good sleep with pleasant dreams.

    M- you're welcome. Just repaying the favor. Lord knows you've been there for me and for the rest of us YaYas. Thank you.

  4. That storm was bananas! I was scared to death!