Saturday, March 19, 2011

78/365 stick it to me

Ever have one of those days that isn't bad, just irritating. Yep that's today. Seems like everything I tried to do was thwarted somehow. Nothing big or devastating, just little nuisances,and a lot of them. For example, this is photo attempt number 5. Not the 5th frame, the fifth subject and set up. I gave up and grabbed some gum.


  1. Well, it turned out well. It's a really interesting angle and I think you did a great job. Sorry for the frustrating day! I hope it gets better tomorrow for ya.

  2. Well, hopefully you had fresh breath while you were thwarted! BTW...great word, I'm going to try to work that one into my vocab. I'm very curious about what the thwarted subjects were. (looky there I'm using it already)
    PB the WG

  3. Thanks ladies. Today was much smoother. :)

    P- Nice job on using "twarted". he he I tried to catch the moon or the refinery lights if it was too cloudy. I got up there and before I could set up the rain came. should have checked the weather. :( So I came home and tried a self portrait I saw on the extreme photo site, couldn't get it even close. That was about another hour wasted. I tried to do a food shot, but I couldn't get the camera to focus on anything. So I ate. Next I tried to set up one played with lighting, couldn't get that right, focusing and lighting issues. Then I got a lens error on the camera and had to shut is down and take the battery out. I guess that worked on the second round 'cause I managed to take this one. All total it was about 4 hours wasted.