Saturday, February 5, 2011

36/365-another birthday snapshot

So, today is dad's (aka "Red") birthday. We went out to dinner and I grabbed this shot. I was going to post a picture of yesterday's leftover fortune cookie. Then I realized how fortunate I am to have these two for parents. Granted they did their fair share of messing up my sister and me, but what parent hasn't done the same for their child? ;) Anyway, I'm very grateful for them. Just trying to write this, a thousand things are coming to mind that I love and appreciate about them both. I'm getting a little emotional about it. So, that's it for now.


  1. Happy Birthday, Red. Thank you for raising such a kind and generous hearted daughter. Hope you enjoyed your Smapplebee's birthday dinner.

  2. Your parents are so funny! I'll never forget when we all went to see the Untamed Shrews that night. I thought Rich was going to ask for your Dad to come over and hang out sometime because he liked him so much :)

  3. P- It is so sweet of you to say that. Thanks.
    M- That was a great night. Rich had a man crush on my Dad? Too funny!