Sunday, February 20, 2011

51/365 - Flora Maya Orchid Show

Today was about as perfect as it gets. We had beautiful weather, gorgeous flowers, and lots of girl time. Not to mention, all the great photo opts.
First we headed to the Orchid show at the Botanical Gardens. It was so refreshing to see color and smell the flowers. I was really happy to take pictures of something other than objects on a black background in my kitchen. ;)
Next we took a stroll around the gardens. Even in the winter it is amazing! There are so many statues and shrines and such. MB showed us her favorite spot. Beautiful. Js and Jk and I went into the "climatron" rain forest and we reminisced about being in Costa Rica. P and I - the semi pokey ones- got to chat it up while catching up. We all stopped to feed the fish (which were ginormous) and the ducks. and of course there were the silly pictures with "Henry" the statue.
Then we stopped in for a visit with Gringo Jones and all his cool stuff.
Chow time! We headed to PI for pizza. YUM! - And I'm not just talking about the food. Giovani, the waiter, was a bit of eye candy for us. I think the J's were ready to eat him with a spoon. Anyway, It was totally delicious food and I got a special treat. One of my cousins and her boyfriend were at the "restaurante" and she finally got to meet the ya-yas.
After dinner, we said good bye to Jk and headed home. A few pitstops later, we got to the eastside and had some Culver's ice cream. again - YUM!
So, aside from the normal "adventures" that come with traveling with me, today was about as good as it gets.


  1. Absolutely! Your pics are outstanding and the story is so true too!
    It was totally perfect :)

  2. One of my favorite parts of the day was when your cousin exclaimed "Are you guys the Yayas!". Like she was thrilled and delighted to see us in person. I really feel like we have a special group of friends.
    I love the pink flower with the sun shining through... shows how delicate the blooms are.

  3. We do have an exceptional group of friends. Thanks Ladies, just for being who you are.

  4. Awww, I love that all of our blogs are a big ol' love fest! We are a lucky group of girls.

    And, Giovanni was a stud! : )


  5. :) I always get excited when people are happy to meet the yayas too! Makes me feel all celebrity-like!