Tuesday, February 22, 2011

53/365-a toast

A toast to the best friends a girl could want!

Read about the YaYas over at Melissa's blog (Apple of My Eye Photo) Warning! May make you cry. ;)


  1. Well it looks like you're having a good old time over there...next time you break open the wine for a shot, give me a call ;)

  2. I should, especially since I got this idea from your post. I was stuck and couldn't think of anything to shoot. I almost didn't post a picture tonight. Then, you wrote that heart warming post and made the wonderful slide show. So here's to you and the YaYas.

  3. Love how we're embodied by the duckies. We keep eachother afloat and are all as cute as hell.

    I'm ready for a glass of wine myself...but not infront of the duckies.