Thursday, February 17, 2011

48/365 - Slow Down and enjoy the small things

So today was a bit crazy and very busy.
I spent my planning period on the phone with the mother of one of my favorite students. She was beside herself with concern for her son. He has been having debilitating panic attacks. So much so that he is literally awake all night and spent one night at the hospital. I spent most of the time educating her about anxiety/panic attacks and things/tips/tricks that I have found helpful in my own struggle them. After school, I saw her son in the hall and spent some time listening, asking questions, and sharing with him. I know I'm not a counselor, but hopefully I can at least let them know they are not alone in dealing with this and be there for them until his scheduled appointment with a psychologist. My heart goes out to them.
After meeting with him, I had to go take some head shots for the spring musical programs. While I was waiting for the last of the kids to arrive, I snapped the pictures above. These are two of my seniors that I've had in classes for the entire 6 years at this school. Love these girls. Anyway, they were waiting for their scenes to come up at play practice and graciously let me shoot them.
I went straight from play practice to a photo shoot of a three month old (the mother is one of my students). I showed up at the house and there was a little family drama happening, so that made things a little awkward. I feel like I rushed through the shoot. I'm not sure what these will turn out like since there were some lighting issues, a fussy baby, and a mentally distracted photographer. Hopefully there are a few decent ones.
On to the next thing! Straight from the shoot to a Spanish club fiesta. We just had dinner at a local restaurant, but it was fun. We have a really great group this year.
Finally home sometime after 8. Load pictures, blog, a little work for tomorrow, and hopefully to bed at a decent time. I've averaged about 4 hours of sleep the past several nights and I am exhausted.
I like these pictures because they remind me to enjoy the weather and sunshine and beautiful music.


  1. I really like both these photos. B and W is great and I like the lines the guitar and legs make. Which seems a little weird to write but you know what I'm saying.

    Whew. Long day for you. I'm grateful for your student that he has you in his life. I know you're making a difference for him like you have for me and many others. I'm so proud of the progress you've made with the anxiet etc over the past few years.

    One more day....then ...weekend...