Thursday, February 24, 2011

54/365- Go Fight Win

My sleep schedule is all messed up. :) Sorry for the late post.
There was a pep rally today at school. I was hoping to get some cool shots. but since I had to do some work I got to the gym late. This was the only decent picture I took. Just shortly after I got there, a student had a medical emergency and they let the kids go early. The student is fine.


  1. I'm up too and wishing it was early enough to take a sleep aid. I do like the pic. How a few of the students are sort of peeking at you and some are into the rally. And like the color of the orange/yellow poms against the deeper orange floor.
    Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

  2. Oh my God, your school is so small compared to mine!! Cute shot! I was worried about you and hoping you were just napping or something!