Thursday, April 14, 2011

103/365 - Yesterday's post today

One of my classes has created a new way to annoy me and try to stay off task- "Clothes pinning". The goal: master super secret ninja techniques of attaching a clothes pin to someone without them realizing it or even suspecting. They get a "ninja pro" status if they get me. The "master ninja" (inventor of this nonsense) bought a bag of 500 pins for $10 dollars and on Wednesday recruited the whole class. He managed to give each student a clip. they were writing their names on them so they could keep track of who got me. At first it was a kind of funny thing between this student and me, but now, with the whole class suddenly involved, it's not so cute. It has become disruptive. I have this class again on Friday and I will have to be the mean ole teacher and put a stop to it. Ah...the end of the year ridiculousness has begun.


  1. Reminds me of that baby shower game where if you say the word "baby" someone can take your clothespin. The person with the most wins. Maybe you can morph it into some sort of Spanish game, my creative friend.

  2. We do play a game I learned from Myriam. It is spanish only and if they speak in English their classmates can take their "clipo". Maybe I can modify the ninja clipping to a different sort of game. thanks for the idea.

  3. He hee heee....I think this is pretty funny...