Sunday, April 3, 2011

93/365 - Twinkle twinkle refinery star

P and M and I decided to try some night photography. We headed to local refineries for something a little different. The views weren't quite what I remembered and the wind was a bit much for long exposures, but we had fun and learned some stuff.

We tried some trail lights. Again the wind was an issue but in this case I liked the effect.

I played around with "light painting", not really light painting, but I don't know what to call it. I moved the camera around intentionally.

As always, the best part of the outing was face time with the Yas and good conversation!


  1. I love that great big star! I think you got some good shots. Let's try again on a calmer night.

  2. Your shots turned out well- I agree with P that we need to try again on a calmer night.
    I got a sneaky shot of you too, but it was very blurry :(