Monday, April 4, 2011

94/365 - balance

I'm really tired today. The storm kept waking me up and so did the weird dreams. Knowing that my friends have been or are on spring break, made getting out of bed really hard this morning. I still have 2 and a half weeks to go and only get a long weekend. * whining* Having those holidays and teacher institutes to break up the routine and get caught up on work and personal stuff is very helpful. I'm behind on a lot of stuff right now and could use a few days to get some balance back. maybe its time for a movie day in class.;)


  1. I think a movie day sounds great! Either that or a sick day...take your pick. Personal day? Take care and remember, some papers are for throwing in the trash...
    I love the picture of the person walking on the train tracks!

  2. Sorry about the spring break envy. I know it sucks to go to work esp. on Monday.

    That movie Stand By Me is what I think of.
    Keep looking for that's a struggle for us all.