Friday, April 22, 2011

112/365 - Lightning crashes

Yesterday, my photo friends and I were discussing how difficult it is to get a lightening shot. Well, Tonight there was another big storm. In the middle of sirens going off and hiding in the bathroom, I got a very exciting phone call. My lovely friend P, the newest photo geek, blurts out "go check out flickr!" "Now!" I had shut down the computer and before I could get it loaded back up, the storm got bad again and I was going to have to get back in the bathroom. But before we hung up, P let me in on the secret. That Brat (self described) ;) managed to capture a bolt! How awesome is that?! Anyway, when I heard the computer finish booting, I ran out of my hiding place and checked flickr really quickly. Gasp, ooo, ahh, the back to shelter. I sat there so excited about her picture, I forgot to get scared by the storm. he he Big hooray for Paige and her incredible photo!

After the worst of it was over, I grabbed my camera and headed outside too. What a light show!
I got this shot on luck. I just put the camera on continuous shooting and held the shutter button down. This was the 5th or 6th frame of the first burst. When it came down I thought "Oh God please tell me the camera captured that!" I don't know if it hit that tree or was some where behind it, but dang that was cool.

Thanks,P, for the inspiration and the courage to head outside in crazy weather.


  1. Wow. Just wow. I'm so jealous that you guys both got cool lightning shots!!! Dang!
    I like how you were praying about it right after the shot..."God, please let me have gotten that shot...". I think I say that after just about every picture!
    Good job to you and P!

  2. Wow! That really is something else! Really amazing. It looks like a REALLY close strike. You're very brave.

  3. Holy cow! That's a great lightening shot!