Friday, April 8, 2011

97 and 98/365 - pop in and personal day

97/365- guest photographer My wonderful friend, P, popped in to my class yesterday. I loved it! The kids were so wound up and wanted to show off a little. Tommy (the wild child) greeted her at the door with his usual charm and later gave her the "transformer owl" face. We rapped a grammar song that the kids have nick named "the dirty verb song" ,which always gets the laughing. Griffin and I had a dance off several days ago when we had a few extra minutes at the end of class. I accidentally showed him up and he wouldn't bust out his awesome moves. So yesterday, we had round two and after a little bit of steeling his nerves he finally showed off for P and the class and "regained some street cred.". P mentioned that she felt naked with out her camera. I handed her mine and she snapped a few while we did some book work. After a tour of the school, P and I head out to lunch. My planning period and lunch are together, so we were able to sit and chat over sandwiches. It was so nice to visit with her and break up the monotony of the week. Thanks P, for the great day! 98/365- Personal Day I gave in a took a personal day today. It feels so good to relax a little, yet be productive at the same time. I woke up early feeling great! I decided to out to take some pictures. There was a beautiful sunrise, but I couldn't find a good location to catch it. I ended up at one of my favorite place to find peace and relax-the cemetery. It was beautiful today. I really enjoyed it.
Enjoying the view!

"Don't forget turn around. Sometimes the best views are behind you."

Now that I'm caught up on the blog and some personal things, its time to catch up on house work and grading. I love personal days.


  1. I really love the vertical picture of the clouds. Gorgeous :)
    I agree with Paige- I wish we all got to teach together! We'd have such a good time at lunch!!!
    I'm glad you got some catching up time!

  2. I would totally love teaching with you guys!

  3. I had a fun time visiting you too. Looks like you had a well deserved and relaxing personal day. A catch up day is always good.

  4. Looks like your personal day was very serene and peaceful... I love dock pictures. Everytime I see one I just want to run down and sit at the end of it! hahah.

  5. Aww, I love that Paige got to come see you!!! Woohhoo!

  6. That was so fun visiting you at school! I'm glad I took the time to do it last year.