Friday, April 1, 2011

91/365 - La Mancha

After talking with my dear friend, Paige, I decided to take a "two for one" photo - two collections in one picture. Almost every summer as a kid, we would take a two week family vacation to some place in the USA. Mom decided that my sister and I should each have a collection of something to help remember our travels. Shelly collected spoons and I collected thimbles. Now as an adult I continue the tradition. When on a trip, there are three things I have to buy: a spoon, a thimble, and an ornament (or key chain we can make into one) for Mom. Dad gets whatever I find that I think he will find interesting. I picked up this thimble in La Mancha, Spain, a place famous for windmills and Don Quijote. I paired it with another souvenir - mud people. This is Don Quijote (or if you prefer- Quixote) and his faithful sidekick Sancho Panza. PS - While writing this post, I remember that Cervantes (the author) died in April and Don Quijote was a fool. Happy April Fool's day. (no pranks in this post, btw)


  1. Oh very clever!! Three ideas in one post. Love your ecclectic collections.

  2. Cute- I like how you used a thimble and your mud people together to make a little scene.

  3. Family vacations were/are the best! : )