Thursday, April 14, 2011

104/365 - Isn't it dandy?

I know people say dandelions are bad weeds. But I like them. Their pretty yellow color, their white fluffy cottony seeds blowing in the wind. The childhood memories of picking them for mom or tying them together for bracelets. Their resiliency and stubbornness. Perhaps I like them because they are a little bright spot in an otherwise boring field.


  1. I like them too. Little wishing flowers. These photos show awesome detail. I never noticed those curlicue thingies in the middle.

  2. I hadn't noticed them before either and they are fun to make wishes on.

  3. I love dandelions too....Your pics are gorgeous as always! I love it when they get fluffy and blow around...spreading more weeds :)

  4. My neighbor is selling his dslr- it's an olympus with 8mp. He said just to make an offer on it. Thought you might be interested.? Let me know. I don't think he's expecting very much for it but he has 2 extra lenses for it and a nice bag and some extras.
    It's an olympus evolt e-500 if you want to look it up and it has a 40-150 lens and a 16-60 lens.
    I looked up and they're selling for about 500 on amazon. I'd offer 250 and see if he's interested. Only if you want to though...I don't care one way or another.