Sunday, April 17, 2011

107/365 whew!

Just made it before midnight. Productive day, but still lots to do. I did get the grading done and took M's advice. I threw out some papers and that helped. I washed loads and loads of laundry. Ran some errands and picked up the house a little. Tomorrow I'll be using the fly lady's crisis cleaning plan and P's encouragement to use the timer. (Thanks P for talking me over the hump and providing accountability.) I ate a lot of the elephant, but it gave me indigestion ;)


  1. YES throw out some of those papers. NO way can we grade everything they do. Some work is just practice. Sounds like you got so much done! Great! Easier to start out the week feeling that way. Sorry about the indigestion.

  2. I'm glad you're getting a little caught up- life is nuts- it's nonstop and gets a little overwhelming sometimes. I hope you're doing ok now.

  3. I'm all for throwing the papers out! Paige said it best...sometimes it is JUST practice!