Saturday, April 16, 2011

105/365 thumb drum

I took this yesterday but didn't post it. Its a thumb drum I purchased in Costa Rica. Another of my many instruments. I guess people don't buy them often because when the security guard at the airport saw it on the screen, I had to try to explain to him what it was in Spanish. Either my Spanish sucks or he was curious. I had to dump my bag. It was at the very bottom wrapped in brown paper. I had to unwrap it and play it for him. The two guards chuckled a little, looked relieved, and then told me I could go.


  1. Alright you risk to the safety of Costa Rica...
    Cool-I want one! Good shot, too!

  2. Oh yes...the dangerous, dangerous MC with her fierce thumb drum. Funny story to go with that great pic. I like the angle on that one.