Saturday, April 2, 2011

92/365 - Monkeying around

Today's picture is boring. But the story isn't. I bought this monkey thimble in Costa Rica. In Monte Verde, I would wake up at about 5 am and, like clock work, the howler monkeys would start vocalizing around then and continue for about a half an hour or so. It was a little creepy at first, but I quickly learned to love it. I couldn't see them in the mornings, however as we were driving, the bus driver would slam on the brakes at the first glimpse of some in the trees.
When we got to the beach at Manuel Antonio, the tour guide asked me to keep an eye on her as I walked around and took pictures. If she started waving like crazy I would need to come running and help her defend our stuff...from monkeys! I thought she was kidding. I was wrong!
This little booger and his friends came down and were hoping to steal our bags. A crowd formed around the tree and they gave up. But as they were leaving, this one got mad and took a whiz on the tour guide. Well tried to. She saw him and very quickly leaned out of the way. She (and my backpack!) were only dampened and splashed with monkey pee, not the full flow. Thank Goodness! At least I got a cool picture of him before he "hiked his leg".


  1. LOL...that is a great story and why thimbles are a great collection.

  2. I love that picture of the monkey that peed! That is an awesome story and I hope I come back this summer with some awesome monkey stories!!!