Tuesday, April 5, 2011

95/365 - Hot sauce

I selectively colored this to try to quickly make it look like the napkin caught on fire. Eh...its okay. So today I chose to show a movie to the Spanish 2 classes which is all I have on A days. We are in the "Cultural diversions" chapter (talking about movies,art, and theater), so I showed them a documentary about Salvador DalĂ­. They were fascinated by his weirdness and I was able to get a lot of grading done. ;) My car is acting up so I ran to the shop after school to have dad look at it, then headed back to the school area for a Spanish club fiesta. After dinner we were having some great intelligent conversations. One guy said he was really enjoying the discussions because he didn't feel he could talk to his parents about his opinions and it was nice to have an adult perspective. His girlfriend chimed in and got me all choked up, in a good way. She basically said that I'm one of the few adults in her life and her friends lives, that really cares about them and show them respect as people. They feel I accept them, value their opinions, and at times show them more respect and courtesy than they show me. She said some more stuff and that big lump grew in my throat. It meant a lot to hear those things directly from a student.


  1. I like the effect of the color. I love "rewarding" the class with a movie...they don't know I'm rewarding myself as well with time to catch up.

    And I'm not surprised AT ALL that your students feel that way about you because I too have experienced the accepting, caring, listening friend you are. I bet it's pretty rare to hear it from a teenager though and that's a GOOD thing to choke up about. :)

  2. I can't remember if I commented on this or not. So, I'll comment again.
    I'm happy that your students were making such wonderful comments to you! It's always nice to feel like trying to get through to the kids is working. It's especially nice when they tell you that you've made some sort of a difference in their lives. Congrats~ and I'm proud of you!

  3. Yup, those kiddos can be so cute and sweet sometimes. You are a fabulous listener, M! I know firsthand. : )